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seniors9In a senior community, at least one person needs to be 55 or better. Children may visit, but typically for no more than two weeks at a time, or 90 days a year. These communities are also called active adult communites, 55+ communities, or even retirement communities even though not everyone living there is retired.


The choice of whether to live in a 55+ community is a personal one. Active adult communities tend to have all kinds of clubs, activities, group travel opportunities, and recreational amenities. Outside of the 55+ communities, you’re on your own, but you’ll see more young families and children playing in the neighborhood. Some people tell me they like that, it keeps them feeling younger, while others tell me it’s a great relief to be away from screaming kids and barking dogs. So it all depends on your point of view and what kind of lifestyle you picture yourself living. In San Diego, we have something for everyone!


Note! All information is based on my San Diego real estate experience in California. The advice given here may not be applicable in your state or apply to your specific situation.

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