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Price information in this website is current as of January 2014.

Keep in mind that San Diego is one of the best places in the world to retire, but it’s not one of the cheapest. If your goal is inexpensive retirement, and you’re checking out San Diego as well as Palm Springs, Arizona, and Florida, you probably won’t choose San Diego. We cannot compete with other areas that are less expensive. People retire here because of our excellent climate, our high quality of life, or perhaps because they have family in the area. But you have to have a compelling reason to move here. If you’re making your decision strictly on getting the most house for your dollar, then check some of the communities listed under “Riverside County”.


To narrow down your choices, ask yourself if you want lots of clubs and activities or not. If the answer is yes, stick with one of the large communities. Depending on your price range, consider Ocean Hills Country Club or Oaks North (high price), or Oceana (low price). If you don’t want lots of clubs and activities, then consider one of the smaller communities like Pacifica, Las Brisas or Emerald Lake.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I rent first to see how I like it?

Real estate agents like myself don’t normally handle rentals. The only way to find one, if there are any, is to look online, in the newspapers or look for a “For Rent” sign. Check my rentals page for links to websites that carry rentals.


In San Diego, there is no “try before you buy” program, where you can rent a place for a few days. This type of short rental is only available in communities under construction.


How Can I Buy When I Have A House To Sell First?

That’s a really good question, and you’re not the first one to ask. I’ve developed some strategies that have worked very successfully for my clients. To learn about these strategies, click here.

How can I see these areas?

Some you can drive through, but some, like Ocean Hills, are gated and manned, and they will not let you in without a Realtor. I suggest you call me a few days before you expect to be here, and I’ll be happy to show you around.

How do I get more information?

Sorry, but there isn’t anything else available. I’ve personally been to all the resale communities, and they have no brochures or other handouts. In fact, that’s why I created this website, so I would have something to give out to people who asked me. I’m constantly trying to improve it, but for now, the website is the most complete source of information available.

Is there a waiting list?

No, in resale communities, there is no waiting list like in new construction. I can add you to my own list of clients who are looking for a certain kind of home, but it is not a priority list. When the house hits the market, it’s first come, first served. That means you must be prepared to make an offer quickly.


I offer a free “Market Watch” program that will notify you immediately when new properties hit the market. I can send you emails twice a day so you don’t miss a thing. Just give me a call and let me know which communities or price ranges interest you, and I can set that up at no charge.

What are the prices and availability?

The prices are quoted in each community’s write-up. I usually give you a ballpark price, because they vary by location, condition, and view. For example, “low $200,000s” would mean $200,000 to $240,000, “mid $200,000s” means $240,000 to $260,000, and “high $200,000s” means $260,000 to $300,000.


A serious limitation we face is a low inventory. People who move into these communities usually stay a long time, because they don’t have growing or shrinking families or job changes like under 55 folks. And you notice some of these communities are quite small, so it’s not unusual for there to be nothing for sale. Villa Trieste, High Country Villas, and Emerald Lake are notorious for this. If that’s the case, there is nothing I can show you, since there are no model homes. In any event, you certainly will not be able to see every floorplan in a community in one visit, because they won’t all be for sale. I can only show you what there is, and I can’t promise what will be available when you come to visit.


What is the average age?

Well, I don’t know anyone that keeps track of that kind of information, but here’s a general rule – to find younger seniors, look for a newer community. If you think about it, people who buy in a new senior community, are probably 55 or 60 years of age when they move in. So if the community is 25 years old, there’s likely to be many of the original owners still around, and you can figure out what the average age is. An example of this is Leisure World in Orange County which was built in the early 1970s; young seniors tell me all the time how they feel out of place there. So if you’re looking for a younger crowd, consider one of San Diego’s newer communities, like Ocean Hills County Club or Villa Trieste, or new construction in one of the Riverside County communities.


Where can I find new construction?

There is no new independent living construction in San Diego County, only resales. For a new house, you will have to look in Riverside County.

Fast Facts:

Community Phone #Homes Clubhouse Pool Golf Pets Tennis Gated Fees/mo RV Parking
Ocean Hills C.C. (760)758-7080 1633 Y Y Y 2 Y Y $423-463 Y – free
Pacifica (760)918-8040 233 Y Y N 2 Y N $327 N
Costa Serena (760)721-3456 694 N N N Y N N $3 N
Villa Trieste (800)404-0141 150 Y Y N 2 N Y $276 N
Oceana (760)757-3937 1600 Y Y Y 2 N N $275-330 N
Peacock Hills 760-708-3036 920 N N N Y N N $6 N
Rancho Hermosa 760-438-5720 172 N N N Y N N $10 N
Oaks North (858)487-0120 1963 Y Y Y 1 small Y N $43-413 N
Seven Oaks (858)487-4058 1758 Y Y N 2 N N $25-330 N
High Country Villas (760)635-1405 548 Y Y Y 2 N N $295 N
East Ridge (951)296-5640 80 Y Y N 2 Y Y $200 N
Nob Hill (760)746-9127 67 Y Y N 1 20 lbs. N N $225 N

Manufactured Homes Phone #Homes Clubhouse Pool Golf Pets Tennis Gated Fees/mo RV Parking
Emerald Lake (760)603-0501 161 Y Y N 2 N Y $170 Y-$25/mo
Pilgrim Creek (760)967-6254 203 Y Y N 1 20lbs. N Y $215 Y-free
Las Brisas (949)498-1129 169 Y Y N 2 35lbs. N Y $126 N
Vista del Mar (760)603-0501 256 Y Y N 1 Y Y $60 Y
Rancho Carlsbad (760)438-0332 504 Y Y Y 1 Y Y $262 Y
Camino Hills (760)603-0501 145 Y Y N 1 Y Y $230 Y
Champagne Village (760)749-8008 459 Y Y Y 2 Y Y $254 Y