Retirement 2.0

Maybe it really is time to seriously rethink the meaning of retirement. A pair of studies point to a lifestyle for future retirees that feature few of the hallmarks – full-time relaxation, travel, and puttering around – associated with traditional retirement. More and more, people are remaining in the workplace, either out of financial need

How To Retire Right Now

Is it possible to re-arrange what you already have in order to retire right now? If you have equity in your current home, the answer might be yes. Consider the following questions: Is the real cost of living in your property a profitable use of equity? Or could you live somewhere else more reasonably and

Top 10 Rightsizing Tips

Rightsizing means to reduce to an appropriate size. To a size that works better for you. The word feels better than downsizing, which somehow sounds like you are going backwards or giving up something. Rightsizing is moving forward by freeing up space and resources that can be deployed to better uses. Why do you always

Reverse Mortgage Update

Here’s a different way to buy a home in a senior community in San Diego – use a reverse mortgage and collect monthly income for as long as you live there! That might just make the difference between a comfortable retirement and a financially challenging one. Most people didn’t know that you can use a reverse