55+ Housing and Living Options

Trying to get up to speed on all the 55+ housing options? Here are some of your choices: Independent Living: Condos, townhouses and single family homes that are smaller and more maintenance free than large family properties are frequently people’s first choice, especially if they’re healthy and active. This option can include senior communities in

Martha Stewart On Aging Well

The bonsai tree “is a work of art that is never finished,” writes Martha Stewart in the introduction to her latest book, Living the Good Long Life: A Practical Guide to Caring for Yourself and Others. “The bonsai continues to grow and evolve over time,” she notes, saying that when properly tended, “bonsai can thrive

Senior Slant #4 – Control Freaks

Boomers tell me “My parents need to move into a retirement community. You need to help me convince them.” Obviously, my role is NOT to steer seniors in a direction they do not want to go, even if their adult son or daughter thinks this is the step their parents need to take. But I

Senior Slant #3 – Suspicious Minds

“I don’t trust you. Real estate agents are like used car salesmen. You’re trying to take advantage of my mom!” This is what a boomer might be thinking when I show up to talk about selling her mom’s home when she can no longer live independently. While a client has never been so transparent as

Senior Slant #1 – Resisting Change

A common reaction we get from seniors who are facing having to move is resistance to change, even when the change can be for the better. “This house is all I’ve known for 43 years. All my stuff is here and everywhere I look I see gifts from relatives and special mementos. I’ve already lost my

Seasonal Jobs: Encore Careers with a Twist

Mike Fitzpatrick spends summers leading raft tours for Mad River Tours on Wyoming’s Snake River in Jackson Hole. It’s a seasonal gig that he’s been doing since 2011. The work can be intense. Days sometimes last 10 to 12 hours, he’s lifting boats in and out of the water, and he’s responsible for the safety

Independent Living Apartments

Independent Living Apartments: A Growing Lifestyle Choice for 75+ Seniors By Adam Artunian The 75+ age group should grow rapidly over the next 20 years due to the aging baby boomer generation and longer life expectancy. What options are there for seniors who are relatively healthy but no longer want to maintain a home, cook