Dennis & Crystal Kaiser

We’ve closed over 150 real estate sales in senior communities, so we might know a thing or two about how to get the job done. We’re used to dealing with extended family members, attorneys or whoever else is a decision maker in what is sometimes a complicated time of life. We know all about “rightsizing” as we have done that in our own personal life. We can unwind reverse mortgages or solar system contracts and we know contractors who can deal with repairs. If it has to do with buying or selling in a 55+ community, we’ve probably run into it!

We’re aggressive, full-time agents who are dedicated to helping you move on to the next stage in your life. Real estate isn’t extra income for us, it’s our passion!

How Our team works:

My job is to find your new home and negotiate the contract. I work with my wife and just as we have made a great marriage team for over 39 years, we also make a great real estate team.  Crystal has been my transaction coordinator since 1991 and she is the detail oriented person. Doing a transaction in California means an enormous amount of paperwork. Her sole job is to walk with you every step of the way through the escrow, the disclosures, inspections, title documents, etc. She makes sure that all the details that can make or break a transaction are carefully watched over to a successful close.

In this way we are sure that you will always be taken care of, even when I am out in the field. Our clients have told us that they like the way our team works and they feel that someone is always there to answer a question or to reassure them that everything is working out fine.

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