1. Free Special Report For Mature Property Owners


This free report is titled “Living Wealthy” and it discusses the various ways to keep your home equity and pay the minimum or zero taxes when you sell. We understand that you need to conserve every dollar because you can’t make it back again.


In this report, recent tax changes are discussed, as well as reverse mortgages, installment sales, and downsizing. How you structure your sale is extremely important because your short and long term financial security is at stake. Please don’t hire just any agent who tells you he can “get the highest price” without first reading this report. Remember, it’s not what you sell it for, but what you get to KEEP that counts!


If you’d like a copy of this free report with no obligation, just give me a call at 760-889-2272 and I’ll be happy to send you one.


2. Free Referrals To Other Popular Senior Destinations


If you’re planning to relocate out of the San Diego area, give me a call and I can put you in touch with a Seniors Real Estate Specialist in most parts of the country. Agents with the SRES designation understand the unique concerns of making a big move at this stage of your lives, and will treat you with respect and patience. Just give me a call at 760-889-2272 and let me know what area you’re considering.


3. Free Email Updates On Homes For Sale


We have a free email notification service for any of the 55+ communities in San Diego County. If you’re looking to buy in one of these areas, we can alert you immediately of new properties for sale. Our special computer searches the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) constantly and sends the results to you in real time, even if I’m tied up in appointments. We provide this information at no cost to you, so you can get the jump on everyone else!


4. Free Market Analysis On Your Current Property – As Often As You Wish!


I’ll be happy to email you a list of what properties are on the market, have gone into escrow, and have sold in your area. This way you’ll always be kept informed on what’s happening to the market. And I’ll send this as often as you like! Once a week, once a month, you name it, at no charge, for as long as you own your home.


5. Free Real Estate Planning Consultation


And finally, we offer you a free in-home consultation to discuss your personal goals. I’ll give you an estimate of your equity, and discuss how to keep it when you sell. That includes the IRS 121 rules (the $250K or $500K exemption), 1031 exchanges, keeping your real estate taxes using Proposition 60 or 90, and much more!


You’ll come away from the meeting with a game plan that you can use whenever you’re ready to make the move. There’s never any cost or pressure to do anything. I offer the free consultation just as a way to meet you and hopefully build a relationship with you. If you’re interested, just give me a call at 760-889-2272 and we’ll set up a time to get together.


Remember I’m here to make your move an easy one!